placet experiri ...

It's great fun to make experiments

Mikrocontroller System

Here is a template for your own experiments and research.


What you can do with the Test program ?

  • Test and switching of all outputs
  • Testing of all analog and digital inputs
  • Integration and display of two counters
  • Date / Time Input (Menu 7) as an example
  • Data input via the device (Menu 8) as an example
  • Monitoring and data input via the PC (eg Dialer from the CD or via a terminal program, "S" for start, "E" to exit, otherwise 0-9 and "*" and "#" keys)
  • Parameter transfer to the PC to a text file (use Dialer from the CD, Select “Data”, “get parameters”). Prepared for 50 integer values.
  • Parameter Transfer from a text file on the PC to the Metamorphosis (use Dialer from the CD, there “Data”, “parameter Transfer”).
  • Status In- and Output and Measured values cyclically sending to the PC (by PC software Dialer). Start the Dialer, Select “Display all information” or send "S" and "O" by a Terminal-Program.
  • Measured values send to Logview (freeware for to show Trending). Use the Dialer then select “data”, “data to Logview”or send "S" and "U" by a Terminal-Program.
  • Record data according to predefined cycle in the internal RAM and EEPROM. Read data and send it to the PC via the Dialer or a terminal-Program with "S" and "L".
  • This data is written to a text file or sent directly to Logview. So data can be recorded or stored in the metamorphosis and retrieved later.

Here the Program for Download for the CPU Mega 256

Here you get the Manual

More Infos and Datasheet

Compiler Bascom:

Support-Center Bascom:


Logview laterst Version etc.

AVR-Freaks: many good hints…

Also very good:

Much fun and success with exploring and experiments! It is not always easy, Small Steps, that are my experiences. But the Internet has an answer on all questions! And at the end you always have success! Contrary to some other business.

Specifications metamorphosis (maximum configuration)





10-30 V

System-Voltage (automatic switch over)

12 V / 24 V

max. Number of relay (12V, 24V, 220V) for pumps etc


Switching power relay outputs max.


Switching voltage, relay outputs

12V / 24V / 110V / 220V AC / DC

Automatic short circuit-protection of the Relay Output

12V/24V yes, 220V no (must be applied externally)

Latching relays (only need to save energy)


Connection pulse valves (need a Pulse to switch)


max. No. Transistor outputs (12V/24V)


Automatic short circuit-protection of the Transistor Outputs


free selection of the input-Typs

Voltage; Current, NTC, PTC, Pt1000, 0-20mA, 4-20mA

max. Number of analog inputs


max. Number of digital inputs

8 Isolated

Max. number digital Potential-free Inputs




Power-consumtion of the Unit

15 mA

max.ambient temperature

-25 C... +50 C


yes, 2*16 signs

small LCD-Display

74 x 35 mm

big LCD-Display (fits only in the big Case)

99 x 24 mm


yes, 12 keys


yes, 12 positions

Max. number serial interfaces




ELV wireless sensors

Wind, Temperature, Humidity, Rain

max. Number of stored measurement values

4000 16bit

Optional data logging on MMC / SD-card

yes, with it 16 million measured values

Interface to the free excellent Logging-Software Logview


Remote control by a Windows PC (using our freeware Dialer)

yes, all functions

Remote control by modem, Mobilephon, GSM-Modem


with that SMS-handling (Alarm and switches Output)


optional connection of a cable-telephone

yes, 2 phone numbers

optional network / Internet-connection


Output auxiliary-Voltage 5V, 0,5A


optional adjustable Voltage-Output with 3V. 12V/24V, 1A


Download of new software by the PC


short high-current-impulses for the reducing of Sulphating


max. cable connection (fine - / single-wire) Solar

16 mm

max. cable connection (fine - / single-wire) Relay

2.5 mm


IP 32

Dimension L x B x H in the standard-casing

200 x 190 x 78 mm

Dimension L x B x H big Case

290 x 260 x 115 mm

Operation-languages (at present)

German / English